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Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Series No. 3: Registration Patterns for Local vs Out-of-Town Runners - Shared screen with speaker view
Jenna Siegrist
Richard Kullman
Will the slides be available to review on your website?
Cortney Martin
When participants are driving a significant distance, are they more likely to be meeting up with friends or family? If so, would group discounts be more effective for them, and best timed for their registration patterns?
Richard Kullman
For any specific race or series how much will the specific race deviate from these averages
Ryan Parton
Any idea how closely multisport events (e.g triathlons) adhere to these trends?
Rick Perron
When you look at 5K and the distance traveled/time registered do you take into account if that 5K is part of a multi-distance event. For example, some people might not come as far to run our 5K if they weren't also running our half or full.