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Group Therapy for Customer Marketers #2: The challenges to connecting our work to strategic growth initiatives - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
Invite link to Slack group - https://join.slack.com/t/customervoicex/shared_invite/enQtODAyOTc4NzUxNzE4LTQ5MTY0MmVkNDE4MTAxZGY5NzI2ZWU0OWZhMzFlYzVhMTIyMTk5YzQ1OGMwMWE1MTBhNTU1NzU5YTM4NTdhZTY
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
We are recording this for any of your friends or colleagues that could not attend. Recording will be sent to all who registered via email that you registered with tomorrow at 1pm ET. We will also post the replay in the Slack Group
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
Send in your questions for the group to the Q and A area. Thanks!
Dana Alvarenga - SlapFive
Any questions you would like to ask as follow up that we are not able to get to please email myself Dana@slapfive.com or Jeff@slapfive.com we will help get you in touch with our Rockstar Panelist
That was a lot of fun, thank you everyone for joining, especially Amanda, Sarah, and the Slap5 team, I’ve learned a lot today