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Running USA + events locker webinar: 5 Ways to Maximize Expo Value - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Bowen
Do these same principles apply for post event layouts and finish areas?
Daniel Ashworth
Just some insight because I have seen this happen. If a vendor is from out of state and selling products they should be charging local and or state sales tax if there is local and state sales tax required. The organizer should provide the vendors with the appropriate paperwork to file these. I have seen the man come into a show and people were not charging sales tax and all retail sales had to stop. This is just advice.
Laura Wittnebel
does anyone do speaker series during their expo?
Lori Hermenau
We used to do a Speaker Series. but we have changed the name to "Interactive Zone" and do a variety of activities like yoga, foam rolling/stretching, beer/wine tastings, etc.. as well as a couple of more traditional sessions like course tips.
Kelly Donahue
The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon has a speaker stage with seminars both days of the expo
Kelly Donahue
Our seminar stage is sponsored by our local newspaper
Laura Wittnebel
we have a shake ut run sponsor an hour prior to the expo opening, the bring in coffee, etc
Laura Wittnebel
shake out
Rich Harshbarger
I've tried to open up the line for those who asked to speak
Michael Bleau