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Moving the South Forward in the New Reality: A Post-Election Funder Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
chantelle fisher-borne
Hi again everyone, We are recording this session and will be posting a link to the recording on our website and will share this with you in a follow up email.
Justin Maxson
We will take one or two questions for Chris at the end. Just chat them here!
Justin Maxson
Share any questions here for Chris and we will take one or two right after he is done. There will also e time at the end.
Justin Maxson
Again, glad to take questions for Erin and Page here.
Justin Maxson
We will get this at the end.
Justin Maxson
Thanks. . .got it.
Erin Byrd
Should also raise the connection between white supremacy and capitalism. We dont have time on this call...
chantelle fisher-borne
Agreed on the connection. We have to wrap up - next call!