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Funders Briefing | Northern California Wildfires and Public Safety Power Shutoff: Who’s Affected, What’s Needed from Philanthropy
Tanya Gulliver-Garcia
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is tracking funds and NGOs that are responding to any of the fires. We share this with funders, clients and high-wealth donors looking to donate. Please send your status to Tanya Gulliver-Garcia at tanya.gulliver-garcia@disasterphilanthropy.org
marcia quinones
Related to the comment that there is much that can be learned by the current efforts. Is there any data being tracked about the "users" of the disaster relief. For example, demographic data and language and access indicators of those folks using the Shelters, going to the foodbank, asking for gift cards for gas and supplies, etc. It would be very helpful. thank you for all you are doing already! You are really helping us understand so much about this situation. Bless you!
Ingrid Tischer
How can we as funders also use their social capital to address future issues in the category of “intentional crises” like PG&E’s repeated shut-offs that disproportionately harm multiply-marginalized communities?
Ingrid Tischer
Karin, contact me if you want to talk funder advocacy re PG&E, etc. ingrid@talesfromthecrip.org. Thanks!