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Review Cycle Analytics - Shared screen with speaker view
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Hi everyone! We will be starting the webinar in a few minutes.
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If you have any questions during the panel, please feel free to post them here in real-time and I will respond to them during the Q&A portion at the end.
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We’re about to begin right now!
Grant Maestas
Question received:
Grant Maestas
Q: In the future, do you plan to add scores calibration as a separate stage in the process, without the csv download-upload step? Say, we enter the calibration together with the managers, open Lattice, open each employee's review, view the page with the entire context panel, and then choose the calibrated scores in the similar way that a manager did before (as if we were overwriting the score)? Thanks”
Grant Maestas
A: That’s a really good feature request. For our V1 release we wanted to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible so we went the CSV route. This is obviously a new feature so we are super open to feedback and if you think this would be a improved workflow we will definitely keep that in mind. No immediate plans to build that into the product at this moment.
Kristina Kostina
For the weighted scores, so basically we do whichever calculations we need and in the final file we only keep the weighted scores, right? Also, it wasn't quite clear what was wrong in the example shown. We will for sure run into the same issue once we decide to do that! Maybe it was a different scale? Maybe it should have been either 80% or 4 (as if it was on the scale of 5)? Thanks
Grant Maestas
Exactly Kristina! Weighted scores is essentially a customized score field that you can input into Lattice and potentially share it with the employee. The weighting takes place outside of Lattice but we now have a place for you to store it in Lattice.
Grant Maestas
The ability to choose which scored attributes are shared with the employee (as opposed to all or nothing as it stands now) will be live in the product before the end of September!