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Resilience: Falling Down and Launching Forward - Shared screen with speaker view
Jordan Walman
Welcome to this afternoon’s session, “Resilience: Falling Down & Launching Forward” with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt. We welcome you to submit your questions through the Q&A window throughout the presentation - Dr. Shillcutt will be responding towards the end.
Danielle Beebe
Dr. Shillcutt: You mentioned women are more likely to commit suicide suicide over men. Do you think this is partially a result of expectations in a woman’s personal/family life? What would you recommend?
amee mehta
I went for an interview and they mentioned about how the work was going to be so difficult, and while I convinced them that I have worked hard so far and in previous job i think I can do it. But despite that I saw the interviewer adding more tasks and how will I be able to do that. at that point I felt anyone would get burned out. Is it fair for someone to do that in an interview than being supportive and stating how they would help a physician if they get burned out?
Jordan Walman
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