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Small and Midsized Presenters in the United States: Stories and Perspectives - Shared screen with speaker view
Robbie Ottley
Robbie from APAP here everyone: you can check out the referenced report on the APAP website: https://www.apap365.org/Portals/1/PDFs/APAP%20Report%20on%20Small%20and%20Midsized%20Presenters%20Final%201.3.19.pdf
Joe Clifford
Rural communities exist in New England as well...
Absolutely, Joe. Thanks . Appreciate that.
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Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
We all know that a big challenge to building audiences is posed by the at-home streaming services. Can anyone share any best practices in marketing and promotion ideas that you have used to address this issue?
Daniela Jacobson
Could you display the previous slide again?
Amy Wagliardo
We do a lot of film programming - and adding to the event in some way helps people come out and give it a try - a talk back after with someone involved with the film or a local film professor, kitchy things like dress up nights, food or drink before or after that is themed to the movie, etc. We also partner with other local orgnaizations if the topic is something their audience would benefit. If useful, Morgiana. We also talk up how connecting with your community is meaningful and you can't get that on your couch. ;)
Gretchen Boulka
Can you leave up the previous slide when Lynn and Josh are talking? Thanks.
Rick Ivey
The Small and Midsized discounted membership and conference fee was very helpful in allowing us to participate, join and attend the conference. Thank you!
Amy Wagliardo
I am sad I didn't hear about the discount! Sounds like it was a good one.
Robbie Ottley
Robbie from APAP here again: we encourage you to share your questions with our speakers at this time!