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WAPOR September 19, 2019 Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Talal Barazi
Talal Barazi - Sorry, I may have missed it earlier, but where can the full course be found?
Talal Barazi
Got it - thanks!
Hernán Chaparro
Do you allways work with random sampling in all the countries. For example, Latinobarometro work in a multistage sampling. First and second stage are random but the person selecction is quotas
Hernán Chaparro
Talal Barazi
A more general question: How do you go about ensuring probabilistic selection at the neighborhood or block level and how do you balance that with cost? In other words, 1. how do you go about ensuring that interviewers follow correct in-block selection and revisit protocols. As we know, it's much easier for an interviewer to simply replace a temporarily unavailable household. 2. How do you balance the cost of conducting a true probability design where households have to be revisited multiple times over multiple days, even when the end result can be a non-complete?
Talal Barazi
Hernán Chaparro
Thanks to both of you. The presentations were very interesting and motivating
Rizie Kumar
Thank you. This was very interesting and useful