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Fly Plugins Office Hours - 10/26/2018 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cory Crowley
Hi Ken & Sharla, I saw the question come through and we will try to address it very soon.
Rushe Brady
When you click the link for a Unit it opens into a full size page. What if I want it to open into a small modal or pop-up window so you can just watch the video for example. How do I do that?
Ken Riead
Rushe - we use Vimeo to host our videos and then just show them in a course unit by pasting the video link in WP. It works well. You just make one unit per video.
Cory Crowley
Hey Rushe, looking into this now for you. I will try and answer soon.
Rushe Brady
To Ken. Got it. But does it open the video into a small pop-up window or into a page?
Ken Riead
It is a small video box on the unit page - so we have an intro paragraph at the top, then the video shows below that and the "Mark Complete" button is underneath that so the student can mark complete when they are done watching the video.
Cory Crowley
Thanks for the questions Rushe!
Cory Crowley
Thanks for the Feedback Sharla