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Chapter Leadership Webinar - CIO Roundtables - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Poggi-Mannis
how many do you have at a typical meeting?
Tom Wood
What is the makeup of the roundtable CIO's? Are they large enterprise, mid market companies?
Amy Kelley
How about ice breakers when the group is just beginning to gather. Name and company doesn't foster much conversation - do you have ideas that you have tried and have been successful?
Tom McCurley
Are these Enclave and Fireside events in lieu of monthly programs or in addition to?
Amy Kelley
Yes, that is what I mean by the "ice breakers".....fun way to get to talking and knowing each other.
John Buccola (So Cal)
For So Cal - the Enclave/Firesides (12-15 people per) are in addition to our quarterly “Forum” events, which are much broader / traditional (100+ attendees).
John Buccola (So Cal)
Ice breakers: yes, always helpful, especially if there are new folks. Two I like: “truth or lie” - intro yourself, tell a story, group decides if it’s truth or BS. Second, name and share a year that is meaningful to you and why.
Tom McCurley
Can Diane provide more info about her delivery roundtables? Similar attendees to John's Fireside events?
Mark Taylor
Will do
Kathy Wetzel
Matt what do you charge?
Gene Janiszewski
what day of the week has the best success?
Matthew Henry
Hey, wait, the Nats will be first this year!
Gene Janiszewski
Chuck Williams
Do you purposely vary the days of week when events are held? What is the typical schedule, e.g., 5:30 to 8:00 PM?
John Buccola (So Cal)
Day of the week: hands down, Wednesday and Thursday.
Gene Janiszewski
Do you Give CIO's an opportunity to solicit some help on a particular problem ? or do you just follow script.
Jennifer Lynch
In Boston, we always hold our CIO Roundtable meetings on Wednesdays from 2 - 7:30 pm, we have 4 meetings per year. Reg starts at 1:30 and dinner starts at 6 pm
Jake Westphal
CIO Solicit help: We typically have topics identified to draw interest/help keep conversations going - but we absolutely allow CIOs to bring current problems or ideas to the table. Many times others are or have expereinced something similar. Its about bringing value to the members
Amy Kelley
Thank you! We are working to build Austin and appreciate the information you all provided!
Kathy Wetzel
Do you all use email to communicate the dates, logistics etc? Or does anyone use another tools, collaboration site, etc?
Tom McCurley
Does SoCal or Boston use CIO Roundtable events to recruit new CIO members to their SIM chapter? (Diane already answered this)
John Buccola (So Cal)
Yes, absolutely.
Matt Nerney
Mostly email to communicate but the web site has details and the registration page.
Michael Huthwaite
Apologies I have to drop for another commitment, but excellent content, and timely especially to SIMCAC as we are embarking on a CIO Roundtable program in 2020! Best of luck to everyone.
John Buccola (So Cal)
We use our Enclaves as part of recruitment. It’s a chase to ensure that the attendee is a member, so lots of coordination between Board members and our Enclave committee.
Jennifer Lynch
We also use "Upcoming Events" slides we add to all our slide decks at other meetings and also "Upcoming Event" cards we hand out at all events. In addition to a weekly "Upcoming Events" email that goes out weekly to all members.
John Buccola (So Cal)
We use direct email and calendar invites for Enclaves, website for Firesides (VP/director level)
Matt Nerney
Yes! And I neglected to mention how important Jennifer and Meg are, as our SIM Organizers, for helping with all the logistics of each event.
John Buccola (So Cal)
The facilitators of each dinner curate an invite list.
Kathy Wetzel
Thank you sharing your experiences. Austin is working to establish a CIO ROundtable and so far have had two successful lunch meetings. Great.
Tom McCurley
Thanks Mark and James for pulling this meeting together. Excellent information.