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NISO Working Group Connections Live: RA21 Draft Recommendations - Shared screen with speaker view
Todd Carpenter
Yes, participants are muted, but you can use either the chat or q&A features to provide feedback
Jill O'Neill
If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact support.zoom.us via live chat. Should they ask you for the webinar ID, that identification number is 176-603-561.
Sara Groveman
Hi Rich, did you try hovering over the bottom of the screen where it says ‘manage participants?’ That should bring up the window for both panelists and attendees
Jill O'Neill
*waves at Judy*
Sara Groveman
No problem, that was my mistake actually, only panelists have that option.
Todd Carpenter
Right now 113 sites. Probably some multiple of that in terms of people
Todd Carpenter
The list is mostly names, not institutions
Todd Carpenter
Seems to have settled at 128 attendees
Mark Williams
In many cases it will still be "The Shibboleth World"- RA21 is the discovery aspect, the authetcation aspect will still be "Shibboleth" / federated access.
Jill O'Neill
Please contact support.zoom.us for assistance. The sound is continuing for us. The webinar id that they may ask you for is 176-603-561.
Layla Heimlich
Our patrons have access to resources purchased by both our specific location (our hospital) and the system (our hospital chain). Publishers (such as Elsevier) treat these as two separate institutions, because these are two separate contracts. “Remembered access” in practice has prevented our patrons from being able to access both sets of resources without literally rebooting their computers and wiping cookies from their internet history.
alan buxey
RA21 provides a ‘use another institution’ option to avoid that user bad journey
Layla Heimlich
But that only works if the user is aware that the contracts are separate and they need to switch "institutions" - users are rarely aware of contract details.
wha about publishers that don’t support SAML - so we still have proxy login for that and are asking users to understand and remember they have to login differently
alan buxey
That’s true (at least they won’t have to reboot now or have multiple browsers) - users will still have this pain with eg google auth (if they have a mix of personal and work google accounts for service access…
alan buxey
UX would probably be ‘this document not available via your institution try another…’ rather than the current bad dead end.
Alistair Morrison
As a higher ed library, is there a way for us to set the WAYF institution when we authenticate a user through SSO to a publisher site?
alan buxey
If the user has used SSO locally then RA21 would have that chosen institution already set…so it would be there as their default choice when going off to a publisher site….s that what you mean?
Jill O'Neill
NISO staff is monitoring both the Chat panel as well as the Q&A panel in order to track questions. Those questions not receiving an answer on-air will receive a response following the close of the event. Those responses will be posted to the NISO event page for today’s event. We appreciate your engagement with this critical area of interest to NISO stakeholders.
Jill O'Neill
A recording is being made of today’s discussion and will be posted to the NISO event page as soon as it has been processed through our service provider. That usually happens within 24 hours of the close of the event.
Jill O'Neill
A recording is being made of today’s discussion and will be posted to the NISO event page as soon as it has been processed through our service provider. That usually happens within 24 hours of the close of the event.
Alistair Morrison
Alan: yes, but I want enough control so that if user has multiple affiliations and has set RA21 cookies, I can set WAYF if they go through my SSO.
Mark Williams
So each Coalition partner self funds their area?
Mark Williams
How much in cost recovery terms are STM looking at?
alan buxey
Alistair: not sure from the top of my head - as the P3W element has privacy.
What happens when a researcher is no longer affiliated with the organisation being recognised by their device?
When will the implementation guide document be circulated?
Layla Heimlich
It seems as if it would be good for patrons to be able to be assigned to multiple institutions simultaneously
alan buxey
Layla: yes - they can be - they will have multiple institutions listed (that they have used before)
alan buxey
(But brings up that UX issue of which ID to use to get a particular resource)
Mark Williams
well SAML federation IDPs can block users gulity of miss use alreday. Thats EXISTING tech and process.
Mark Williams
Elseviers concept of modest may be different from small publishers or other communities
Exactly what data is stored in the central UX back-end and who has access to that information? If I understand correctly, for federation there is a central point where lookup happens, regardless of the publisher interface where the user is trying access.
JW Wiggins
Thank you very much for this opportunity to attend your panel presentations.
alan buxey
dmbuss: for federation, lookup doesn’t have to be central - can be local to service provider.