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Reducing Emergency Department Among the MI population- Systems Improvement- Learning Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Lake Health District Hospital
Where did you find the template for the form?
Konnie Ebert BSN, RN Care Manager Adventist Health
Is there a similar group working on this type of project in Clackamas County?
Emily Root, Health Share of Oregon
This is amazing! I am curious about any experience you have with getting the patient/client's perspective into the conversation. Do you ever have the member/patient/client involved in their own huddle? Or, would that happen at a multidisciplinary care conference or some other venue?
Lake Health District Hospital
How often is the huddle? How are updates communicated between huddles? Will you revisit the same patient the following week or is it handed off to another team?
Megan Gomeza GOBHI
You mentioned involvement from BH Peer Wellness Specialists, and also adding the CHW component in the coming iteration of the model; any consideration given to utilizing a peer wellness specialist cross-trained as a community health worker (integrated care peer)
Lake Health District Hospital
Thanks for clarifying!