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FiDA Learning Call - Conversational Interfaces - Shared screen with speaker view
Abi Birrell
This is the blog series Kishor referred to: https://www.financedigitalafrica.org/topics/ci-blog-series/
Abi Birrell
So far 3 of the 7 have been released - Number 4 will be out later today - search CI Blog series for the remaining over the next few weeks
Jessica Osborn
what about languages that are oral? many African languages do not have a coherent written form. have you seen chatbots that are trying to deal with this? eg maybe IVR?
Abi Birrell
Of the three services offered, which seems to be the most popular category for chatbots in emerging markets and why?
Niamh Barry
If your sure Peter :)
Niamh Barry
Thank you for the great questions Peter!
Abi Birrell
Thanks for joining Peter!
Niamh Barry
Hi everyone, Looks like we may go over time. Sid has a great demo that we would love to share, so if you can, do stay on.
Niamh Barry
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