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Glenn Page's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
Glenn Page
We are inviting participation by all attendees - so please either unmet and ask a question or insert a question in the chat box - THANKS!
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
Our experience has been simliar the process and the engagemnt in it is if not more useful than the outcomes
Katy Mamen
Sarah, what is one thing you’ve learned from your emerging maps that you might not have otherwise expected?
jeph mathias
Very useful for me- pushing my thinking
Ashley Bishop
Very helpful - thanks! I was very interested to hear about bringing together social networks with other systems, and trying to understand each with the other’s influence.
Eka Shapatava
Very useful! Already got some some ideas for my project
Ashley Bishop
In some of my experiences in West Africa, we find that the common analysis of a country or subnational level doesn’t help us understand a more “real” delineation by ethic group, which is then more international/transnational. Lots of ideas come to mind!
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
@Katy two things I think have emerged. One is that audience matters. What my members want so to see is different than what staff or the Steering Committee are interested in. So, thinking through the audience helps us produce more useful views
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
@Katy We didn't realize that scale of work was that important until recently. So we updated our view to include flags that tell us what scale they work at
Katy Mamen
Thanks Sarah! That’s so interesting.
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
We've recently had a conversation about trust and got us wondering about to what end do we want the connection question to help us. For example, is that question about helping tell the story of the network or is about helping us do our jobs better?
Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network
We aren't doing this yet but we've been wondering about the usefulness of tracking the relationships between organizations (in addition to people)
Ashley Bishop
Thank you!