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Propellant Labs- Guest Speaker - Shared screen with speaker view
Amber Manry
You can also find a “white glove” offshore team. Where they charge more than most offshore team, but don’t require as much granular direction. Just my 2 cents :-).
Amber Manry
Also, I think that making an effort to meet once a while in their timezone goes a LONG way.
Liz Kirk
That was great!
Amber Manry
Our clientele was NOT startups!
Liz Kirk
I ran a distributed team for several years. We found that for staff roles like project management, HR and administrative assistants - stay-home-parents were incredible. They often were overqualified but it was worth it to them to have flexible work. I think Charlie is right on in that if they are excited about what you’re doing your remote team can bring a ton of value.
nice. good idea