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DJI x STERBLUE WEBINAR | How To Conduct Automated Wind Turbine Inspections with Drones - Shared screen with speaker view
Vincent Lecrubier
Hi ! Yes Attendees will have access to the session recording :-)
erwin george
Hi, and to ppt also?
geoff vancass
If I already have legacy DBs and other asset management systems, can the legacy data be migrated to Sterblue? What are the interfacing possibilities?
geoff vancass
If I want to have an internal drone team in my company, how difficult would it be to train my employees and run inspections on a large scale autonomously?
C├ędric Dumoulin
Is it an option to use Matrice 600 equipped with RTK?
Nick Hudson
Is it sensible to consider this operation with a Mavic 2 Pro?
Yanis Zenagui
Yanis Zenagui
I think doing the operaiton with M600 Pro isn't the good option as it need 6 batteries to fly 10 minutes
Yanis Zenagui
i will also add that charging 6, 5700 mah batteries to fly 10 minutes so 12 to 18 batteries for one windturbine goes against the process of producing green energy and saving our planet
Yanis Zenagui
Just one last question, you talk about the solar panel stuff. Do you planning to launch a solar panel inspection plateform and if yes, when in a close futur ?