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China Tariffs Webinar with Joseph Brubaker - Shared screen with speaker view
Brad Pappas
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understood it as If you have filed your ISF prior to the tariff implementation date. (thusly, your shipment is on the water) you will not be subject to the increased tariff?
Brad Pappas
In reference to issuing a PO, lets say traditionally a Bag is $9.00. This $9.00 (traditionally) included the factory cost for the materials as well as development & labor. Can PO’s no be issued to show the true bag cost, less the dev & labor? Example, $9.00 bag, less the labor/dev, might actually be $6.00. So a PO with 1 line for $6.00 and 1 Line for $3.00 for dev/labor? (assuming labor/services cannot be taxed)
Lou Fliszar
if a product is produced in Viet Nam, sold to china, and sold to US what is the tarrif based on
Matt Carlson
Our organization is very interested to learn how manufacturers & suppliers will treat retailers in this trade war environment. Will manufacturers on the call today increase MAP pricing to reflect the cost of tariffs, and, then respect MAP pricing?