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FFJ Healing Justice Webinar #2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Lorraine Ramirez
Hi all - please drop your questions here in the chat box!
Muchas gracias, Francisca. Is the Latina Therapists in Action based in Arizona at this point or also in other states/national? - Julien at Four Freedoms Fund
Latinx…sorry auto-correct :-(
Francisca Porchas
It’s a national network with folks in Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Boston, etc
Francisca Porchas
It will be a national network and we will be launching in January
Francisca Porchas
My contact information is franciscapcoronado@gmail.com in case anyone has any further questions later. Thank you all again!
Lorraine Ramirez
And folks can keep dropping questions here!
Lorraine Ramirez
We’ll move to discussion after Mia presents
Cecilia Sáenz Becerra
it’s been beautiful to see hear what you’ve done and helped build. I wish this was around when I was organizing with repeal coalition. i left AZ so burnt out and emotionally raw, que todavía me afecta me afecta, of course cuz I still haven’t dealt with it
Rhea Bailey
Thanks so much to all of the speakers and the energy of the others on the call. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join last week’s webinar. For the funders on the call, I know that many of us are developing HJ strategies in our respective organizations and learning a lot in the process. I’m wondering how can we be better coordinated and aligned in our strategies. Or at the very least, how can we be in regular communication about how best to resource and support movements in this way?
I’m in a noisy coffee house, so will just intro myself on chat: Liane Rozzell, she/her, Senior Policy Associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Naa Hammond, she/they
Mia - are there any nonconfidential examples of movement organizations/leaders demonstrating accountability for harm that inspire you?
Rhea Bailey
Sorry that question was from Rhea Bailey of the General Service Foundation
Cecilia Saenz Becerra
I think my adudio is off because I'm on phone. Hey y'all this is Cecilia Saenz Becerra, pronouns she/anything w/respect, at Groundswell Fund in Atlanta, GA
Naa Hammond, she/they
Thank you! I appreciate you sharing that concrete example. Harm occurs in movements all the time and it's great to hear the role you play in supporting organizations respond and heal.
Naa Hammond, she/they
Yes Rhea! Groundswell is interested
Adaku Utah
thank you all SOOOOO much. what an honor to be in conversation with each of you
Francisca Porchas
thank you again for your energy and for the opportunity to share! much love to everyone.
Naa Hammond, she/they
Adaku, Francisca and Mia - thank you!! We appreciate you taking time to share your wisdom
Joy (3WF)
thank you adaku, mia, and francisca!
Mia Mingus she/her
thank you all so much! would be happy to talk with anyone more about any all of this. <3