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Reducing Emergency Department Among the MI population- Systems Improvement- Learning Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Martinez Lake District Wellness Center
We use peer support and it is a wonderful program!
Laura Heesacker
Does anyone on the line use peer in a medical setting?
Ally Linfoot
You asked if anybody is using peer programs. Clackamas County has a PDS system of care that includes 17 peer support programs. This system is set up similar to our treatment system. We contract with peer run orgs (including MHAAO) and serve more than 7000 people annually.
Andrea Recla
We have peer support at Lifeways and while I have not utilized the services for my clients thus far I can see the benefit of the peer support program.
Laura Heesacker
Ally that is amazing! That is a lot of people served!
TyWeber/TaniHotan/AbbieProctor_Aumsville Medical Clinic
I'm an FP. when patients have recovered and want to help, are they appropriate to become a peer support person. is this a paid position?
Andrea Boothby @ BestCare Treatment Services
I am a Care Manager at the Emergency Department in Central Oregon and I have a PSS that works with my team.
Laura Heesacker
Do others experience peers helping staff e.g. compassion fatigue
TyWeber/TaniHotan/AbbieProctor_Aumsville Medical Clinic
can you list the training for Peer support and cost?
Ally Linfoot
Yes, I am a peer also. It's interesting how quickly trust and rapore is built between a peer support worker and not only the people they serve, but the people they work in the workplace.
Leilani Faber, Lifeways
I run four programs for Lifeways in Umatilla County. Three have Peers and we are going to get a fourth for our Crisis Team who will go out and do follow-up and advocacy for those who were seen in Crisis.
Leilani Faber, Lifeways
We value our Peers very much. They are the “boots on the ground” and probably do the most good for our clients.
Andrea Recla
As a peer support specialist, how do you protect yourself when being triggered by others experiences and how do you ensure that you do not impose your own thought/opinions onto the client because of your experience?
Ally Linfoot
I know that there are workplaces that are exploring creating peers within the workplace to provide peer support to co-workers. The research around support for the workforce shows that this creates a healthier work environment and more successful employees.
Emily Root, Health Share of Oregon
Thank you both for what you do. I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can best support the growing community of peers that shift into supervisory or management roles. What have been the supports or activities that you have used to make that transition?
I missed the first part of the training. I am very interested in the idea of having peers in the Emergency Rooms and think I heard that this is occurring in Clackamas. How is this being funded as you may not have a treatment plan in the ED which includes peers support?
TyWeber/TaniHotan/AbbieProctor_Aumsville Medical Clinic
if this isn't to personal, what is a typical salary for peer support?
Ally Linfoot
For Kweiner: most of our programs are "stand alone" programs. We pay for FTE, not fee for service. We use a value based payment method when contracting. Our funding is braided and includes several types of funding, including Medicaid, to support the system.
Ally Linfoot
Everybody qualifies for peer support. There is no insurance requirements. People don't have to be in treatment services or even have a formal diagnosis.
Ally Linfoot
The peer contractor develops relationships with possible referral sources (such as a hospital) so that the service is available to people. People can also self-refer.
TyWeber/TaniHotan/AbbieProctor_Aumsville Medical Clinic
I am an FP in Marion Polk County. Is there a way we can identify other providers/CCO's and other stakeholders within my county so that we can collaborate. Having county specific resources would be helpful. thank you!
Michelle Eastern OR IPA (CHW)
I would really like more info on the billing aspect
Michelle Eastern OR IPA (CHW)
do we need a Doctor's order to bill?
yes! What a great idea for future ECHOs.
Ally Linfoot
If you're billing Medicaid the service does need to be part of the treatment of the plan.
Laura Heesacker
Please feel free to reach out to Maggie to let her know if you would like the Oregon ECHO network offer a Peer related ECHO etc.
Michelle Eastern OR IPA (CHW)
if anyone can reach out to me about billing i would love you for ever lol and owe you big time