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Add Measurable Results and Value as a Strategic Advisor - Shared screen with speaker view
IABC Heritage
Please continue to use Q&A to ask any questions you may have. Here are the questions received so far:
IABC Heritage
How will AI and bots impact the IC profession?
IABC Heritage
I would like to get useful tips on a strategy approach when working with customers, vs an information distributor.
IABC Heritage
I am particularly interested in how to "measure results" Thanks.
IABC Heritage
What's the most important change in thinking you see between "information distributors" and "strategic advisors."
IABC Heritage
I am starting a new role that is more strategic than in the past. Looking forwrd to utilizing your informatino to sharpen my sword.
IABC Heritage
Question shared via Q&A: What research is the communication sources information based on? (percentage business impact)
IABC Heritage
How will we know what percentage of that business accomplishment came from communication initiatives?
IABC Heritage
Will future webinars in this series give more concrete examples of how companies have done these assessments and proven comms contribution to business performance?
Mary Bogan
We can ask that the presenter includes the examples you're requesting.
Cindy Hutter
In case this is helpful for showing value...At my org, I developed an "engagement funnel" that shows how marketing is at the top of the funnel, building awareness and engagement. It's been great to be able to show success stories to show our value --- for example, we had someone who had one of our marketing emails/newsletters forwarded to them. That person then emailed us they were impressed with the newsletter and wanted to learn more about working together. That has now turned into a project bringing in $$ to the org. It helps to reinforce the value of our ongoing march of MarComm activities beyond usual statistics.
Mary Bogan
That's a great story, Cindy. Thanks for sharing. Would you be willing to share your email address in case an attendee would like more information?
Mary Bogan
Thank you!
Cindy Hutter
Debra Capua
Thank you very much!