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Keri Enright-Kato's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Would like access to this recording and slides so i can communicate benefits of this program to local stakeholders. Please advise on access to resources.
Jeff Howard
Julia -- If a home had HES assessment some years ago, how can it get scored for this program?
WHen we ran bills to create residential PACE for a few years. the realtors testified against it. why should we expect better from them?
Elizabeth Murphy
Customers are currently eligible to receive a HES assessment once every 18 months. The customer co-pay for a HES assessment (which includes the Home Energy Score for eligible homes) is currently set at $149. As Julia mentioned, receiving a Home Energy Score independently of the HES program from a BPI Assessor is also an option. The Find an Assessor tool on the DOE website should list BPI Assessors.