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Measuring the Impact & Success of a Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership - Shared screen with speaker view
Joe Waters
Yes, Hope!
Mary Kay Gundlach
All of the above
Kevin Iraheta
Working with The Global Good Fund, a social entrepreneur accelerator. Currently looking for new ways to streamline the impact measurement process and how to use this data efficiently to report out impact to internal and external audiences.
Jennifer Richey
100% getting data from their campaigns collected by them
Joe Waters
Joe Waters
I love sponge bob pasta!
Joe Waters
Lesley, we’ll answer your question in Q&A soon or at the end! Good question!
Lesley Turner
How should a small nonprofit respond if a prospect is interested in a partnership in part to see an increase in sales of their product. Especially for small nonprofits with a small audience, expectation that a partnership will result in an increase of a company’s products is unrealistic. There are so many other factors that impact product sales.. such as how much marketing the company is doing. My question is : do you have any advice about how to respond when a partner prospect focusses on the goal of seeing increased product sales?
Liz Aldous
On the flip side of this, when it comes to prospecting for corporate sponsors, many companies view charities as organizations that are purely philanthropic, but don't understand the sponsorship/marketing benefits of supporting a charity's fundraising event. Do you have any advice on how to position your organization/event as one that has valuable assets for corporate sponsors?
Joe Waters
Good one, Martha!
Hope Freedman
Brittany - Your panel at NYC Cause Marketing Summit sounds fascinating. I hope we have the opportunity to chat there!