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Conscience Matters: Women of Conscience - Shared screen with speaker view
Virginie Busck-Nielsen
Hello, My name is Virginie Busck-Nielsen, I am a lawyer specialised in Transitional justice (particularly reparation for massive crimes). I work on various TJ-related projects, including with Leuven university here in Belgium and in RD Congo.
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
I want to learn more about how systems of incarceration are gendered in different international contexts
Gegê L. Joseph
I am interested in the journeys that individuals take to convert their experiences of trauma into a proactive activism
Virginie Busck-Nielsen
I work on projects related to women, reparation after massive crimes -issues related to transformation after trauma is therefore especially interesting to me.
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
For more information on Fatna: http://www.international.ucla.edu/cnes/article/113368
Virginie Busck-Nielsen
Question for Maria José:
Virginie Busck-Nielsen
has the temporary exhibit led to the inclusion of women in the permanent exhibit? for example, are women 's experiences specifically included in the Documentation centre and training or dialogue programmes?
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Read more about Fatna’s book and hear her http://www.international.ucla.edu/cnes/article/113368
Virginie Busck-Nielsen
Thank you!