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NIFA Preview of Time & Effort Reporting NERAOC Presenting (Shared screen with speaker view)
Unknown Speaker
01:34:02 aklein: My institution doesn't give PIs direct access to Banner reports. Is this access required for PI's to be able to confirm effort reports?
Nick Place
My question relates to frequency of how we collect and track workload. We do semester reporting. Is this sufficient for NIFA?
Shawn Detoro
What is NIFA’s stand on commitments for key personnel during a no-cost extension period? Meaning does NIFA consider the original commitment met if it is met over the length of the project or does the commitment get increased to include the NCE period?
Unknown Speaker
01:36:57 Natalie Bush (Illinois): Nick Place: Illinois confirms for the following two periods (July -- December and January -- June) which align with the State fiscal year.
Mike Harrington
It sounds as if you will be tracking matching funds to projects rather than a blanket certification as in the past.
Kimberly Lamar
Will slides from today be available on NIFA's website?
Rick Klemme
The archive of this presentation will be linked in the 4/9 or 4/16 Extension Monday Minute.
Unknown Speaker
01:42:14 wamiller: Thank Yoy
Meredith Silvia
Thank you!
David Leibovitz
thanks everyone