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The Building Decarbonization Coalition Presents: The Future of Gas with Amber Mahone of E3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Panama Bartholomy
Welcome everyone! So excited for this webinar. thank you for joining!
Panama Bartholomy
I liked the old graph better ;)
Panama Bartholomy
Great presentation. Really eye-opening. Any questions for Amber?
Joshua Radoff
Yes. Great presentation. Question: Does the hydrogen discussion assume that cost-comparable H2 combustion equipment exists or does that require special furnaces and water heaters?
Tim McRae
I realize this work does not include a comprehensive analysis of using natural gas for resilience purposes through technologies like distributed fuel cells. Is there a plan for doing that analysis? If so my group - Silicon Valley Leadership Group - would love to help brainstorm the questions to frame that analysis.
David Stephens
To what level was the retrofit requirements integrated into the study? Cost? Schedule?
Peter McPhee
Did modelling of the GHG emissions of natural gas or RNG include emissions due to infrastructure leakage? In some places, this can comprise a large portion of overall emissions from gas and would be equally impactful with RNG as fossil gas.
Amy Kiser
When looking at renewable natural gas, what was the geographic scope of where that would be sourced? CA only? The US?
Charles Cormany
How are we going to deal with the PM 2.5 generated from wildfires started by electric distribution? The pro gas folks will use this to scare people away from electrification. Any thought on response to this argument?
Cristina Garcia
The gas demand decrease in all the GHG mitigation strategies is because of the assumed increase in electric vehicles? so with or without building electrification we can assume gas prices to increase?
Cristina Garcia
the winter episode air quality improvements are significant – is this because this is peak winter when there would be the most gas combustion and then that is compared to the same heat load supplied by more efficient air source heat pumps?
A George Beeler
Your study and this presentation are very well done! Decarb is necessary but I am concerned about the unintended consequence of replacing gas furnaces with heat pumps in climate zones 2 & 3 in well designed buildings new or existing that currently do not need air conditioning large summer peak loads will be added.
jason keehn
Hi Amber, thanks for addressing the challenge or at least optics of the challenge of airsource heatpumps in the northern colder / winter climes, I've been getting some pushback on this from some folsk I've talked to about Building Electrificaiton.
Charles Kim
Have you consider a scenario of converting electricity to hydrogen during the curtailment?
Michael Hicks
Did your load growth for electrification include additional load due to electric vehicle conversion?
Scott Blunk
Replace on burn out sounds good but will never work with the level of permit compliance we have now.
Scott Blunk
What is the work on permit compliance? Who is working on that? If we ever went existing buildings we need permit compliance!
Tom Paine
Permit compliance is huge, and probably going to get worse. CASE team is talking about increasing retrofit requirements without any added support. Going to push even more projects out of permitting without other intervention
jack paddon
Full electrification for new construction in municipal utility (SMUD) areas is a no-brainer. We are concerned about avoiding gas (in the short term) in IOU areas (PG&E) because it imposes higher operational costs. Are there some good guidelines for sorting out cost/benefits and advising our clients accordingly.
jason keehn
Thx for the Synpapse study Panama!
Shraddha Mutyal
To the point of added cooling load, if the bldg. is well insulated, and even if it has AC, customers will not use AC so no load will be added. I do think thought this will be a cost concern for customers when deciding to add HPs.
Jenna Tatum
This was so great, thank you!