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A webinar on; Assessment & Planning to Strengthen the National Institutional Architecture for Food Security: A Discussion with CAADP Country Practitioners - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Liwa
to all panelists Mary Liwa from Tanzania.
douglas ouma
Hi Team, my connection is abit unstable. My comment is that step 1 and 3 are very critical, as step 3 may inform how to proceed with step 1 like pre AI-APP environmental scan.
Robert Ouma
Thanks Douglas. Interesting point
Robert Ouma
Douglas - Would also be interesting to see (and discuss) the role that a facilitator can play in guiding this process
Aichi Kitalyi
A very powerful tool indeed because multistakeholder process & collborative decision making are part and parcel of effective transformation. My question is on how best to sell the idea to public sector. From participation isee more effort needed to increase the buying
Henry Roberts
From the onset I see that this tool could be useful not only with the CAADP process. I recently attended a workshop on Trade Facilitation, Protocols and Agreements with the presentation of the AfCFTA held by the ECOWAS Commission on Trade Facilitation and the Ministry of Commerce. I can see the tool being useful to the AfCFTA team. so, the question is: "Does the Facilitator have to be selected by the CAADP Focal Point and are there any specific training the Facilitator should have?"
Helen Petrozzola
Please continue to send us your questions and comments: ia-apphelpdesk@dai.com
Aichi Kitalyi
Bye everyone
Helen Petrozzola