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How to APAP: Getting the most out of APAP|NYC 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Britin Foster
Can mentors be accessed before the conference?
Jamie Boller
Feel free to email Sue at snoseworthy@apap365.org
Jamie Boller
Or email me for any New Colleague questions at jboller@apap365.org!
Jamie Boller
Hi Britin! Mentors will reach out to you early-mid November!
Jamie Boller
A recording of this webinar will be available on our website in a few days!
Britin Foster
if you have an employee at the expo and they have a badge, do they have to pay the conference and membership fees?
Britin Foster
and thank you, I will email about new colleague q’s!
David Mack
If we have multiple artists in our organization who want to attend the conference, is it better for each to have their own artist pass or do we need to have an organizational membership and register them together?
David Wannen
Sarah- sometimes it is good for agents and artists to have that info about your venue. Number of seats, types of genres performed, major technical considerations/restrictions are all good points of info. Number of events per year, presenting calendar.
Britin Foster
What are the best ways to get presenters to come to your showcase?
Britin Foster
Thank you for answering! We’re definitely getting a showcase listing