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Building Decarbonization Coalition Presents: Builder Needs Assessment Report - Shared screen with speaker view
Panama Bartholomy
Reminder: if you have any questions, please ask them via this chat window. We will ask Nic after his presentation.
Andrew Kosydar
So there are nearly 1000 companies that build market rate homes in the state of California. How were the 14 included in this study selected - was it a random sample? And is 14 a representative sample?
Andrew Kosydar
As a second question, not all builders are the same. Some built thousands of homes in 2018, and many only built one home.Is this sample of 14 market rate home builders representative of the different sized companies? That is, was there large, medium and small companies in the sample?
Bill Wolpert
How many homeowners have experienced electric induction cooking? Many change their mind once they do try it.
Ken Johnson
Slide 17: Education of home builders of home buyers? Or both?
Panama Bartholomy
Home buyers
Ken Johnson
thanks for clarifying
Rosana Francescato
As a homeowner who actually wants to switch to induction, I’ve been stumped as I review Consumer Reports’ list. Every time I look up their top picks, I see tons of bad reviews saying the cooktops stopped working at some point. That’s kept me from spending the extra money so far. Just an illustration of how it’s hard even for someone motivated to make the switch.
Panama Bartholomy
Ravi Mikkelsen
@Rosana, go onto #energyTwitter, lots of induction cooktop users there that can share which models they use.
Rosana Francescato
Thank you Ravi!
Ravi Mikkelsen
Most welcome!
Tom Kabat
Perhaps introducing induction cooking to realtors would be a high impact program.
Ravi Mikkelsen
Were those permitting fees just for going all-electric or for the entire home build?
Michelle Thomas
Does the CEC have the authority to mandate those fees?
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson
Home Depot sells a Frigidaire induction for under $900 that gets good reviews.
Panama Bartholomy
As Nic said, many of these issues are actually non all-electric issues but the suggestions on solutions suggested what could be done on those problems to advance all-electric construction
Ravi Mikkelsen
Thanks Panama, I missed that part
Panama Bartholomy
no worries!
Jan Grygier
Cooking demos as part of Open Houses seem like a good idea. Especially with a wok to prove you can do it.
Jan Grygier
Interesting that it's an easier sell when there is PV on the roof - I like the "generate and use your own electricity" tag since that leads to load management or thermal or battery energy storage to suck up the PV generation mid-day and then use it in evening and early morning - good for customers and good for the grid (and for integrating utility scale solar for that matter)
Debra Little
To Tom K - Yes! I suggested to SMUD that we combine this w/ a recent solar class I taught to Realtors & Appraisers. 6,000 members. Didn’t happen but possibly in future.
Ken Johnson
DId you get a consensus of how much builders thought it cost to bring gas to a development or a house?
Ravi Mikkelsen
Thanks Nic! Did any of the builders say that they were actively looking into education to get started or were they all waiting for it to come from the outside?
Jan Grygier
Will the presentation be sent out to everyone?
Bill Wolpert
A case study program bringing architects and builders together to showcase creative solutions and educate the public on what's possible might shift perceptions.
Michelle Thomas
DId any builders talk about time-saving as a result for not having to work with gas and electric infrastructure planning and installations/delays, etc?
John Supp
Home buyers don't seem to be too focused on the future utility bill associated with the home they are looking at -- except maybe for solar. How does that affect builders selecting products that affect utility costs and why would they care more than the buyers?
Debra Little
Home buyers can be influenced by good sales teams. They don’t think to ask the right Qs.
Jan Grygier
Note that PG&E is interested in preventing extending gas infrastructure where we can. Understand that our costs may be greater than or less than builders costs...
Geoff Wickes
Where there different messaging that should be implemented for male buyers and female buyers?
Rosana Francescato
At the Clean Coalition we’ve developed an “Electrification & Community Microgrid–ready” document that gives specs for going all-electric and the simple wiring needed to prepare for being part of a microgrid: https://clean-coalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ECMR_-Electrification_Community-Microgrid-Ready-Specifications-DRAFT-NBCRI-27_js-22-Feb-2019-1.docx - this is meant to help building owners, developers, and electrical engineers - pls feel free to share widely
Bruce Severance
Have developers offered information on the extent to which the gas companies have subsidized installation of gas infrastructure in new developments? Has anyone questioned whether this is a level playing field and policy to prevent unfair competition in this area?
Beth Baxter
Debra Little
RE: case studies - plan to include short video stories! These resonate best wth homeownersI can help.
Ken Johnson
Wish we could get HGTV and other similar programs to promote induction. They really glorify gas.
Jan Grygier
Would it help if PG&E (as a combined gas and electric utility) published utility bill comparisons, showing heat pumps work out cheaper?
Jan Grygier
Hey, I'm saying I'll try (yes I work there)
Kevin Woo
Recommend reviewing the E3 study. It compared many IOU and POU rates and bills for all electric vs. duel fuel
Rosana Francescato
I think that’s worth trying, Jan — thank yo!