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Reducing Emergency Department Among the MI population- Systems Improvement- Learning Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Heesacker
Good Morning everyone so glad you are able to join us!
Isabella Hawkins LCSNW klamath falls or
are we able to get these slides?
Maggie McDonnell
Yes, they will be sent out again after th session
Laura Heesacker
Just a reminder that participants can use the poll feature, use the bar on the right side of the box to poll to 2nd and 3rd question.
Keshia Bigler - Columbia Pacific CCO
can you go to the next slide with the resources on it
Andrea Boothby @ BestCare Treatment Services
I'm a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager who is going to be embedded in St. Charles Emergency Department starting Next Month. Very Excited about this new journey.
Megan Gomeza GOBHI
In regards to pediatric integrated care, are there any specific models that have a significant body of evidence?
Can you speak to barriers that you may have had when for Health Equity in integration. For example Language Access barriers for limited englisg speakers
Laura Heesacker
Should the integration models distinguish between Mental Health & Behaviorial health?
Galaxy S8
What kind of assessment and service plans are expected in an integrated primary health setting? Would integrated mental health clinicians be expected to complete the full psychosocial assessment and service plans that are required in a community mental health setting?
Andrea Boothby @ BestCare Treatment Services
Harm Reduction is Key
Keshia Bigler - Columbia Pacific CCO
In terms of the the comorbid population - MH/SUD, there are some strong models around MAT initiation in the ED, however, there is pushback or concern that such a model would increase ED utilization due to MAT access - we have not seen much evidence for this, what are your thoughts?
Keshia Bigler - Columbia Pacific CCO
evidence in the literature that is
Laura Heesacker
There is a great website that has some free webinars and research articles on the topic of MAT in ED-
Laura Heesacker
Jeanne Savage, CMO, WVCH
The success of MAT in the ED depends on the ongoing communication between the ED and PCP/MAT treatment providers which can be supported by active use of EDIE/Premanage.
Jeanne Savage, CMO, WVCH
Dental offices as well could house and support patients with Behavioral health clinicians.
Keshia Bigler - Columbia Pacific CCO
really embracing a "no wrong door" approach for BH services is key in rural areas where services/providers are very limited and recruitment is challenging
Laura Heesacker
We have an FQHC in Medford that has embedded a BHC into their practice they would be happy to talk with others about that experience, it has been fantastic however payment structures are limited
Laura Heesacker
I meant to say the FQHC has embedded the BHC in their dental practice and that has been very challenging re: payment, etc
Keshia Bigler - Columbia Pacific CCO
Thank you, this was great information!