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Webinar: National Air Pollution Standards Review - Shared screen with speaker view
Environmental Justice Australia
Down here!
Tom Cole-Hunter
I've forgotten the talking points, sorry, but I'm Tom Cole-Hunter, a postdoc research fellow at the Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research. I attended and enjoyed the EJA-EDO forum hosted at QUT (Brisbane) earlier this month... so here I am! :-)
Julie Favell
Julie Favell Lithgow Environment Group and resident living near Mt Piper Power Station. Currently on site exposed coal heaps on average 300,000 tonnes of coal 20 million tonnes of fly ash and right next door is a coal washery with a capacity of 830,000 coal on site. We have consistent temperature inversions. Licence requirements does not mean they are required to to report. Reporting varies from monthly, quaterly yearly.
What hashtags will you be recommending?
Anna Hitchcock
Where can I find the proposed new standards so I can cross check them agaist Gladstone's air quality data?
I am particularly concerned about wood smoke pollution - I'm wondering why this didn't get a mention in the slides?
I have already contacted and met with my local federal minister and asked for support. So it sounds like we should write to the State environment minister later closer to their decision time AUG/SEPT? IS that best
Karen Large
CAHA would be a great org to involve.
Interested to hear more about plans for tweeting at/engaging with Env. Ministers in social media - how can we stay in the loop about that?
Brett Pattinson
Raising air quality standards is thoroughly laudable, but we already have the current lax standards that were listed in your slide, Max. And they're not enforced. The nsw rural fire service routinely violates them and never faces action by the enforcers - including in May when pollution across Sydney reached hazardous levels.
Jenny's iPhone
we are campaigning against badgerys creek airport. if built it will increase greatly Sydney’s air pollution because of the basin. and lack of sea breezes. pollution will be trapped against the mountains. do you have any aviation pollution figures we can use in our submissions.
Julie Favell
I have to ask this question. Why is that the general public have to tackle these issues. Why is the WHO standards not a action automatically? I have been on Mt Piper Power Station committee for 12 years.
Luke Reade
Thanks Max. At the Brisbane session you mentioned there's QLD legislation exempting Mt Isa. Have you considered how to frame submissions in preparation for expected push back - i.e. community worried about jobs if it affects licenses? (I don't think pointing out health impacts alone will cut it)
How can we use the media better? I think the average person just has no idea about pollution and the health effects.
1. Airsheds - to broad 2. Location of monitors usually irrelevant (in North West anyway) 3. Malfunctioning of instruments - high levels of negative readings distorting averages ( see James Whelan research) 4. TEOMs inappropriate technology for us - preference is historically based, never been validated 6. Big problems re exposure of nearby communities to NO2 fumes, we need mandatory disclosure of MSDS’s for all blasting at nearby mines, mouth swabs an option for affected residents
Jenny's iPhone
because you usually can’t see it. but everyone screams when there is backburning or bushfires.
Brett Pattinson
I agree with M Mckenzie! About wood pollution from hr burns, wildfires and domestic fireplaces.
Nicola Groskops
will it be realistically possible for NSW to stay within new air pollution standards? what actions need to happen to achieve this? shut down all coal fired powered stations enough?
Cr Sue Abbott (Upper Hunter Shire Council)
Is there any news or development on the new inquest granted into Ella Kissi-Debrah's 'air pollution' death in the UK ?
Robert McLean
We need to emphasise the costs of air pollution - cost normally grabs the attention of most people.
Julie Favell
Independdant monitoring needs to be included with areas that have more concentration of pollutants than others. Individual assessment for example we have a power station open cut mines and we have still have people are using donkeys burning coal.
Luke Reade
I'd also be keen to know if others on the call represent community/social service/consumer advocacy orgs? Would be intertested to compare notes/subs. Feel free to email me at luker@qcoss.org.au
Brett Pattinson
It's the fine particle pollution that is impacting people's health - as your slide noted. The big numbers for NSW are for PM2.5.
Please be careful of wood smoke argument. It is being used in NSW as a scapegoat, particularly in Tamworth. True, it is harmful, but they are arguing wood smoke the cause even in SUMMER, when no wood being burned, to explain the dust in the atmosphere. We believe there is a case to argue the problem is coming from the coal mines in the region.
Hey folks, I've got to jump off the call a fraction early. Thanks Max and Bronya for this informative session. If there are plans to email the slides afterwards to attendees that would be ace. Thank you all.
Adding ozone impacts and how account for the increase in temps and ozone interaction by coal mine emissions
Karen Large
Will the EJA proposed standards lead to the shutting down of power stations? Given we are facing a climate emergency isn't that what we should be aiming for?
thankyou EJA - really appreciate and grateful for all your help! Good night from me :)
Luke Reade
Thnaks Bronja - can you include a reference to job numbers argument in the followup - just pre-empting colleagues questions if I write a sub
Mary Slivka
Clean Air Wynuum started off with a goal to get coal trains covered. still working on this, but are also concerned generally re air pollution. Good cooperation with Enviroment Dept, and they have loaned ten purple air monitors which record PM 2.5. Happy to catch up with Luke from QCoSS. and anyone else re advancing our agenda. mpslivka@bigpond.net.au
Brett Pattinson
Well, Anna, the epa pollution data for New England certainly peaks in winter. It terrifies me to see the daily data for Armidale (less so, Tamworth). Sure, inversion is a winter phenomenon but I would challenge the assertion that the pollution captured is from power stations more than domestic fireplaces. Yes, let's get the evidence and see what it shows.
Julie Favell
I am on the EPA AirWatch committee working on KOALAs. Great program only temporary but live monitoring from monitors.
Brett Pattinson
And I'm even less worried about coalmines - sorry, I misread Anna's comment to Everyone.
to me the problem of air pollution is that burning fossil fuels is free of cost... therefor I would advocate for a fee or tarife as a system to pay for recapturing those ehaust gases... The fee system could be called: License to Burn an Unit of Fossil Fuel Exhaust Tarife (or L2BUFFET) of let's say $10 per tonne of coal or oil or gas or bio-mass... And because the best system to recapture those gases is green trees and forests those monies should go to pay annual premium to custodian of every green tree and forrest in Australia (sort of insurence in reverse).
hi can i clarify that the NEPM review of standards involves sources of pollution that wood smoke doesn't contribute to? Or only minimally? is that correct? Given this - is there no point raising this issue as part of the NEPM review?
Julie Favell
If you raise questios about emissions and polluntants in a coal and power generation town, can cause conflict and generally people who work in those industries will give grief to those who dare to speak out.
Doctors For The Environment Australia
DEA has submission info and guidelines if anyone requires details
Anna Hitchcock
We could use some social media squares as well if you are doing hashtags and other social media stuff.
Nicola Groskops
thanks max. very informative
Brett Pattinson
Max, the EPA website provides real time data on Sox and NOx and pm 2. 5 - expressed as both raw data and indexed data. Only pm exceeds good levels.
Thank you
thanks Max. for some reason I lost audio. cheers
Jenny's iPhone
thanks. cya
Cr Sue Abbott (Upper Hunter Shire Council)
Thank you