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APHA Disability Section Webinar: Disability and Measurement - Shared screen with speaker view
James Rimmer
Please send me your questions
Winston Kennedy
You spoke about potential reasons why people use the various measures. Do you think that this may be an area to focus future research
Nancy Zamora
The slide issue is not on Dr. Char's end as I am not seeing the figure either.
Tony Cahill
Could you advance the slides please?
Tony Cahill
Unfortunately we were not able to view the slides with results. Would it be possible to have the PPT sent out to participants?
Tony Cahill
Could you talk a little more about the sampling frame and procedures? How was information about the survey diseminated?
AUCD Public Health Team
Thank you for attending please take a moment to fill out the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DJYTHVB