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Elevate: Campaign Training for People with Disabilities - Shared screen with speaker view
its really hard to hear neal
much better thanks!
I just want to mention that not all states require signatures. Maryland does not
Sarah Blahovec
Reminder: share your thoughts about the webinar on social media with the hashtag #ElevateLeadership. If you have any questions, please send them through Zoom Q&A, Streamtext, or via email to sarah@ncil.org.
Alexandria Knox
Is it legal to have your pca with you at campaign events? Can they campaign with me? Thank you. Great job. Running for state rep in NH here.
Sarah Blahovec
Thank you for the question! We're going to hold the questions until later on and so we encourage everyone to send them in on Zoom (also through the Q&A feature), Streamtext, and email (sarah@ncil.org)
Alexandria Knox
conservativejobs.com is a great resource.
Sarah Blahovec
Make sure to send in your questions in for Q&A!
Alexandria Knox
How do you get the media to stop focusing on your disability and get them to focus just on your message?
Kendall Brown
I know this is a loaded question, but can you speak to your thoughts re: chronically ill staff or candidates as it relates to impact on hours they can realistically work each week? What steps do the campaign community need to take to make campaigns (both staffing them and running as a candidate) more open and accessible to the chronic illness community?
Joey Gidseg
How would you advise someone who is a longtime community advocate and activist (local and statewide) who hasn’t had a paid position for a few years, but contributes thousands of hrs as a volunteer - the narratives I’ve seen from media of candidates always focus so much on their work (the paid work) how would y’all suggest addressing this?
Joey Gidseg
A little more clear, I think…How do you answer “what is your job / profession / career - what do you do for a living?” if what you do is unpaid and therefore not considered work to most people
Atima Omara