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NJHI UAA Learning Collaborative Session: Authentic Community Engagement - Shared screen with speaker view
Tim Schwantes
Reply “to all panelists and attendees” in this chat box and share one word/phrase that describes why you do the work you do in your community.
Tim Schwantes
Visit the New Jersey Health Initiatives webpage: https://www.njhi.org/
Tim Schwantes
Learn more about Healthy Places by Design: https://healthyplacesbydesign.org/Learn more about Equal Measure: http://www.equalmeasure.org/
Sarah S
Commitment to the future
Corey Wu-Jung
Is it me? I suddenly can't hear Joanne
Tim Schwantes
Click on Q&A to 1) post a question to our presenters, or 2) let me know if you’re having trouble with Zoom.Click on Chat to share resources or comments that would be helpful to other Upstream Action Acceleration coalitions/partners.Be sure to chat to “All panelists and attendees”.
Darryl Jackson
"Upward Mobility"
Ivette Guillermo
a better community for everyone
Tim Schwantes
Today’s session will run until 2:15 pm – please stay connected - it will be an engaging session!
Tim Schwantes
For more information about Healthy Places by Design’s Community Action Model and Essential Practices, visit - https://healthyplacesbydesign.org/community-action-model/
Tim Schwantes
The Organizing People, Power, Change handbook can be found here - https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/themes/52e6e37401925b6f9f000002/attachments/original/1423171411/Organizers_Handbook.pdf?1423171411
Tim Schwantes
Learn about Shaping Elizabeth by visiting their website – https://tgfymca.org/programs/shaping-eastern-union-county/shaping-elizabeth/And their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/shapingelizabeth/
Joanne Lee
What community engagement and coalition models have you found to be successful? Share with us via the chat box!
Darryl Jackson
I am very new to Community Organizing so I have far more to learn than share. :-)
Tim Schwantes
Link to the Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day cookbook - https://www.leannebrown.com/cookbooks/
Tim Schwantes
Link to Passport Book for Women’s/Men’s Health Tests and Screenings - https://www.positivepromotions.com/womens-mens-health-tests-and-screenings-passport-flip-book/p/itp220s/
Darryl Jackson
I recognize the use of the Collaborative Engagement Model.
Darryl Jackson
Yes! great. it really is wonderful
Thomas Piratzky
Nice Job Elizabeth!
Cathy Hart
yes market runs all year round
Toni Lewis
Hi everyone ! My word: love
Tim Schwantes
Learn more about Ironbound Community Corporation from their website - https://www.ironboundcc.org/Check-out the Greater Newark HUD Tenants Coalition’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/The-Greater-Newark-HUD-Tenants-Coalition-110719232320697/
Joanne Lee
We'll be back to Daniel and Inuk after this quick question for the Elizabeth partners!
Darryl Jackson
Cathy, did you find that the condition of the neighborhoods have any impact or influence on any measures of success? I notice in the picture (maybe the sites were cleaned) but the areas look nice, comfortable, and thriving as compared to my city, Paterson, where we have programs like this and I am doing what I can to get to the level you have brought Elizabeth.
Joanne Lee
Keep the questions coming for our presenters! We'll have time to address as many as possible.
Darryl Jackson
Daniel and Inuk, is there a certain number of hours per week that you set asside specifically for community engagement? Is your job a +40hr per week job?
Joanne Lee
Residents have their "stories of self"!
Joanne Lee
We can only facilitate a collective "story of us"
Darryl Jackson
how do we get tenants to stop the blame game and take responsibility and build trust? thats a huge struggle for me and i see why but whats your perspective?
Darryl Jackson
Daniel and Inuk, how do we get tenants to stop the blame game and take responsibility and build trust? thats a huge struggle for me and i see why but whats your perspective?
Darryl Jackson
TOTALLY AGREED (about venting and trust), but there must be a point where venting stops and movement must take place. I do understand. Thank you for the response. I will move forward with those words in mind.
Darryl Jackson
Cathy, after the question about yr-round service, do you have a greenhouse? have you thought of one? We are helping a community garder here in Paterson and they recently acquired a greenhouse. Might be a good suggestion?
Joanne Lee
Please stay connected - to hear about important upcoming events!
Tim Schwantes
Project directors will coordinate with their coalition partners to identify who will attend the convening and to share the registration link accordingly.Bookmark this webpage where you can easily access key materials from past UAA Learning Collaborative webinars and in-person convenings: https://www.njhi.org/upstream-action-acceleration-learning-collaborative/