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Twanzell Williams' Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Galaxy J7 Star
can I go in between plans or once I pick, I have to stay on that one
Belinda Davis
If you select the part-time plan and you complete the # of rides for that month, you can then select a different plan like the hustle or full time plan.
Galaxy J7 Star
once you pay the $400 and do not wish to drive, is there a monthly service fee
Galaxy J7 Star
and if you do pay the $400 and want to drive and wanted the part-time plan. you would have to pay the $400 plus $199, plus monthly for partime?
Belinda Davis
if you sign up as a driver Influencer to get stock option, residual income, etc. you pay a monthly subscription fee of $199 per month. In order to get the stock, you have to complete 20 rides per month for 18 consecutive months. There are several ways to get around driving