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Reducing Emergency Department Among the MI population- Systems Improvement- Learning Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Heesacker
Hello all,
Laura Heesacker
Have any of our participants participated in ECHO? If so do you have a favorite? And/or do you have a topic you wish ECHO would cover?
Laura Heesacker
Can non medical providers (e.g. Beh Health Providers/RNs etc.) call the OPAL line?
Laura Heesacker
Do you have any plans to add consults related to Chronic Pain and Complex Opioid Dependency?
Laura Heesacker
Question for Dr. B-I have another OHSU consult line # in my phone it is 800-245-6478, do you know of that consult line and how is it different from the OPAL line
Laura Heesacker
Are any of the participants using similar platforms and having success or challenges? Is anyone using Premanage?
I am using Premanage in the read-only format. I am the Administrative Director of a Community Counseling and Addiction Treatment center. I use the information to make sure that we are updating our Tx plans, keeping the counselors in the loop, identifying the need for case management and coordinated care referrals. When appropriate, we coordinate with our CCO for better care.