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Elizabeth Anderman's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharen Tremblay
tool to look at our community. everyone is equal important and capable of growing. others see this in us.
Kirt Bromley
We bump into this wall of extreme individualism in the journey of faith. Are we willing to surrender our lives and will totally to God? Our individualism can block our growth in trust in God.
Elizabeth Anderman
True Kirt
Elizabeth Anderman
Is the problem that we try to make small communities — parts — and this is why we don’t understand or practice community? In politics do we need to think about the “body politic” not just the “hand” of a party or agenda?
Deanne Riopel
which version of the bible did you read from?
Elizabeth Anderman
Is that why Christian communities struggle? Because they aren’t sharing love? Aren’t true “communities” and thus they alienate others by focusing on “we” believe not we love.
Deanne Riopel
it was wonderfu can you include it in our mail outl