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Ukraine Crisis Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Eric Brandt
Thank you to all speakers for taking the time to offer your respective updates. Critical for us to share with donors and prospects on an ongoing basis.
Eugene Barlaz
I have been searching for a good contact with someone handling volunteers in Moldova (or with ISRAaid), I have a multitude of business connections in that country who can potentially help. so JFNA, JDC or ISRAaid, but I need a good contact who has access to email. Gene Barlaz (ecbarlaz@gmail.com)
Susan Katz
What is the individual cost of these fly ins?
Eugene Barlaz
Maybe get that information for Missions out to JFNA Small / Med communities, Requests are coming in locally. The ED's are the ones getting the requests
Eric Brandt
Dates for missions to borders post Pesach would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for al you do!
Lori Wishne
Are these twice weekly updates more for Federation insiders? We were thinking of sharing out with donors who gave to the crisis campaign.
Rina Goldberg| JFNA
Eric- we haven't finalized those dates but are working quickly to do so....
Eric Brandt
Thank you Rina!
Sarah Eisenman JFNA
To help with skilled RSJ volunteers, please email olga.markus@jfna.org or sarah.eisenman@jfna.org. Very happy to send communications that can be forwarded.
Dan Rozett
@Sarah, that would be very helpful.
Ted Flaum
We have a local Russian newspaper. Should we put something in there or you looking at specifically the Jewish Russian speaking community?
Sarah Eisenman JFNA
Right now we are recruiting specifically in the Russian Speaking Jewish community.
Eugene Barlaz
So Okay to post these widely?