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Detroit special convening - Shared screen with speaker view
Malia Salaam
Very good point Ms. Watkins!!
Cynthia Shields
I love that advice!!
Malia Salaam
That's an amazing program, Ms. Shields.
Chioke Mose-Telesford
Cynthia Shields
Thanks for the kind words about our YSP Unit. Here's more info for anyone interested in learning more: https://www.alleghenycounty.us/Human-Services/News-Events/Accomplishments/Youth-and-Family-Support/Youth-Support-Partners-(YSP).aspx
Malia Salaam
It's not a victim mentality. It's an advocacy mentality. If a veteran is promoting the support of other veterans, they wouldn't be considered to be whining victims. Thank you, Ms. Watkins.
Audrey Watkins
Thank you Malia I appreciate you.
Malia Salaam
Oh no. Tokenism sucks.
Malia Salaam
Yes, Floyd!
Chris Warland (he/him)
Please feel free to ask questions in the chat box or unmute yourself to ask a question, thanks!
Chioke Mose-Telesford
You spoke about the supports employers can provide to people with lived expertise. Can you talk a little bit about the supports you think are needed during the job search or job readiness process for folks experiencing homelessness? (A part 2 is if Mars is the limit, how do you think employment services should be designed to best support folks experiencing homelessness reach their goals?)
Malia Salaam
The living conditions of some shelters helps to further erode their confidence. I would love to see exemplars of shelters with wrap-around programming.
LaPreisha McPike
As an Employment Specialist, the greatest thing I have done for my participants is to create individual employment plans for each participant to see what their barriers are and to partner with other organizations to assist them.
William Hazelrigg
You have all shared incredible personal success stories based on your own experiences. For that I thank you...and I applaud you. My question is what were the major obstacles you faced in obtaining a job that paid enough to keep you from becoming homeless again and how did you overcome them...what specific or practical steps did you take?
Elisa Gomez
I’d like to ask about co-workers who have made a big difference for you, especially when you were first at a job after a period of homelessness. I think there’s a lot to unpack with the normative human services non-profit culture, that really emphasizes a certain way of being professional. Management and the organization itself has a lot of power to do this, but coworkers can also help exert pressure on a management to be more effective in how they care for their employees with experience being homeless.
Cynthia Shields
That's the kind of impact we all strive to have, great work Sade!!
Courtney Smith
We are so proud of you, Sade! You are amazing and your impact is unmatched!
Heidi Schultheis
Here is the evaluation for today's event: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6035141/Detroit-Lived-Expertise-Convening
Shawn Burch
Thank you all for sharing your lived experiences. Very enlightening. Thanks Chioke and Heidi for hosting this webinar.
Jessica Camp
Thank you so much for taking the time to put on this presentation! I’m so appreciative to have had this time with you all!
William Hazelrigg
If I've learned anything in my work career, I've learned that change is difficult and culture change even moreso..so thanks for sharing your stories.
Chris Warland (he/him)
Thank you all!!
Olga Turner
Thank you so much everyone! A group of amazing people!
Latoria Glenn-Carr
Thank you so much!! Powerful!!
Chioke Mose-Telesford
Thank you all so much for speaking on the panel. This was so informative and impactful. Continue the great work and advocacy! I'm excited to take the learnings back to my work.
Courtney Smith
A powerful discussion! Thank you all for sharing!
Vanessa Samuelson (she/her) | McGregor Fund
Thank you so much; this was such an important opportunity for learning, sharing and engagement. Appreciate everyone who shared their stories!
Monique Martin-Johnson
Thank you for being transparent
Nicholle Larry
Thank you!!!
Floyd Stafford III
Thank you all. Cybthia, Audrey, Angela and Sade y'all rock!!!
Malia Salaam