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October 6 - HeartForum Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Gordon
Like Jfna hosting trump lover Nikki Haley??
Dana Gordon
How do we deal with groups like Jstreet that promote fundraisers with members that voted against Iron Dome Funding? Specifically Marie Newman from Illinois.
Todd Brecher
Even we accept the proposition that being against Iron Dome makes someone anti-Israel (which I would debate), I question whether we should make that a litmus test to determine whether or not we support a candidate. For me, Israel is just one of many many issues I would judge a candidate on
Matthew Weinstein
Thanks for this very interesting presentation and discussion!
Alex Sinclair
I think that's a really important point
Alex Sinclair
let's get Sarah to speak to Heart of a Nation!!
Julie Fisher
Well said, Jonathan. I agree completely on engaging with love and having hard conversations. Yes on getting Sarah to speak to us. Perhaps we should start with Susan who does lots of work on progressive issues herself and is a great speaker.
Julie Fisher
Thank you, Halie, for the wonderful presentation. Keep up the important work.
Alex Sinclair
I have to run. Thanks for an interesting discussion.
Julie Fisher
(Sorry that I couldn’t turn on video and give a question—fielding kids, cats, and dogs while I listen)
Andrea Beth Damsky
From an activist in Progressive spaces in the Democratic Party - we desperately need your involvement in fighting the anti-Israel hate.
Andrea Beth Damsky
Thank you!