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Black and Indigenous Futures Fund Info Session for Registered Charities and Organizations Applying with a Trustee #1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Krynitzki, TF
Please add any questions you have in the chat as we go along. TF staff can answer questions in chat if needed, or we will save them for the end for Phylicia to answer verbally.
Sara Krynitzki, TF
Hi LeRoi - you can select the format you prefer/require. There may be a limited number of oral application slots available, so we would request if you can, to chose video or written, to ensure those that need the oral option for accessibility reasons are able to access it.
Liana Salvador-Watts
Our organization is a registered not-for-profit that has applied for charitable status in November 2020. In this case, do we still need a trustee or to apply as a grassroots organization?
Monique hughes
When you say Toronto Based does durham, peel and York are included ?
Liana Salvador-Watts
ok thank you!
Leila Springer
Can we use the funds to develop and establish policies. We have an auditors review not an audited statement will this be acceptable.
Sara Krynitzki, TF
Everyone can email Phylicia at PDavis-Wesseling@torontofoundation.ca
Ryan Knight
Thanks guys really informative
Raizel - TF
Here is our site with all the info and details! https://torontofoundation.ca/black-and-indigenous-futures-fund/
Anna Aidoo
Please don't forget to check the portal for me the email is endless possibilities@rogers.com, been trying since the portal opened
Sara Krynitzki, TF
Thank you for joining everyone!!
Arthur Amadi
Phylicia, Sara and the rest of the team. Thank you for your time and have a blessed week.