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Working Together: Why NFP and private sector collaboration matters - Shared screen with speaker view
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
A reminder, if you have any questions please send them through via the Q&A button, or if you have any comments feel free to send them through the chat button. If you wish to ask your question in person please stay on and join us in the e-networking session.
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
you now have access to your videos so please do switch on so we can see who is still in the room with us, you also have access to your microphones so please feel free to unmute, raise your hand or give us a wave to ask a question.
Simon Warrender
CfM, panelists and attendees thank you for a great webinar - I have to go to another meeting so will have to say farewell.
Aron Whillans
I will need to drop off in a couple of minutes. It’s been great discussing this important issue today. Many thanks
Aron Whillans
well said Richard
Kylee Bates
Thanks everyone. I enjoyed the opportunity & the discussion.
Kylee Bates
Thanks Brett, Leane and Nikki