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NHDOE COVID-19 Updates with Education Leaders
Christy Whipple
Can we set up a platform where schools can share the Covid-19 protocol changes they make with regard to guidelines for those who will have or have received the vaccines?
Lisa A. Witte
A year ago, an announcement that would impact schools would have been delivered to school leaders in advance as a courtesy. Hearing about things of this nature at a press conference with no notice feels disrespectful and puts all of us in very difficult position, making what is already hard even harder. If you could communicate that to the Governor it would be appreciated.
Susan "Katie" Murphy
Good afternoon everyone! I may be reached at (603) 271-3838 or susan.k.murphy@doe.nh.gov
Lisa A. Witte
What has been shared is in general terms. We haven't yet seen assurances or anything. Can you straight up supplant your operating budget?
Lisa A. Witte
Will there be a Zoom call on the use of CARES/ESSER 2?
Kyle Repucci
Sandie made an inquiry into our ESSER II funds. We have allocated all of our ESSER I and she explained that the salary lines could not be expended until the services received. I believe districts that have allocated funds ARE inquiring.
Kyle Repucci
Katie Murphy indicated the development of the GMS system by your programmer had not yet been completed. Can you tell us when that will happen and if that will allow you to disburse our funds and the assurance documents?
Can schools order the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Test Kits through the state if our nurse is trained to use them? MA is providing them to schools, but it looks like in NH, Universities are on the list, but not K-12 from this order page: https://prd.blogs.nh.gov/dos/hsem/?page_id=10564
Rick Johnson
Who is the individual that we should contact regarding EANS funding?
Lisa A. Witte
Amy DHHS has said they aren't allocating tests to schools at this time
Can you tell us if there will be a requirement for districts to offer remote instruction next year?
Jessica Pine
Do all students at every grade level need to back in a hybrid model by March 8th? We are doing a phase-in approach and our youngest students are back in for in-person learning now. Our older students are supposed to be transitioning back on March 15th (after the close of our 2nd trimester). Do we need to move that date up to March 8th, per the executive order for this group of students?
Pam Stiles
Is it correct that remote students will need to report to the school to take the state test? There will be no option for them to take the test remotely?
Susan Givens
We offered all families in person or remote learning options this summer. Can you confirm that this meets the require for offering all students an in person option under the recent executive order? We do not have the staff or space to invite more students back (if they changed their minds) and adhere to safety guidelines, required employee accommodations, and negotiated MOA's with unions.
Jacqueline Coe
It would be extremely helpful to have event guidance specifically about schools as soon as possible. The guidance can always be updated. It is difficult when we plan based on our best judgment and then have the State issue guidelines that cause us to backtrack. A DOE/Public Health issued guidance document provides a focus for our planning. The guidance could also include "if, then" to let us know the conditions when certain kinds of events would be possible.
Lisa A. Witte
I was not notified of any ESSER 2 calls at all - some have already happened?
Ronna Cadarette
I didn't think Caitlin was in charge of ESSR 2
Kyle Repucci
ESSER II funds
Is there a plan for distribution of vaccine to school staff - will it be onsite or a signup process?
Susan "Katie" Murphy
Happy to set up a time to answer your questions, Kyle Repucci. Please ring when you have a chance.
Kyle Repucci
You mentioned that schools who have inquired about ESSER II had not yet spent ESSER I. Schools have allocated ESSER I and are ready for ESSER II. Katie indicated that we can begin spending ESSER II as soon as the programmer completes his work. When do you anticipate this happening?
Kari Headington
What are EANS funds vs. ESSER funds?
Lisa A. Witte
Do you anticipate a subsequent order from the Governor requiring all schools to be full in-person by a date certain?
Rick Johnson
Are non-public schools included in emergency order 85?
Caitlin Davis
Hello! We will have our regular Superintendent call on Monday March 15th. I will resend call information. Katie (Susan) Murphy will be able to discuss ESSER II more at that time, Her email is Susan.K.Murphy@doe.nh.gov for questions.
Lisa A. Witte
Will there be any additional requirements from the NH DOE (above and beyond what the fed requirements are) to access ESSER II.
Allyn Hutton
In September the state granted waiver days for staff to prepare for reopening. do these days count as instructional days/ hours for students?
Mark MacLean
Frankā€¦can you verify the remote testing option for students this spring? We have previously been furnished with different information from the DOE.
There is concern about the vaccine rollout to teachers. If it is the same as phase 1 (sign up on portal and get a random assigned time/day) that it will hinder our ability to cover staff, especially if feeling ill. It would be much easier if we could set up the vaccine as we do flu clinics. Meaning, all staff can have then option on the same day at the school and that allows us to plan for absences.
Christy Whipple
Something to keep in mind is if all staff wanting the vaccine gets it on the same day, there may be call outs as people have varying reactions
So Fridays are preferred :)