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PA PQC QI Collaborative Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Whyne
Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital is doing strictly Eat, Sleep, Console,however I am not aware of reimbursement and how that works.
Tina Willier
UPMC Harrisburg uses ESC without Finnegan and has not had problems with insurance reimbursement.
Jen Sullivan
I was hoping to hear from you Sara since you are ESC only.
Sara Whyne
I am not aware of any reimbursement issues for us, but I have not looked into it. It has come up in our workgroup for another Geisinger hospital working on implementation.
Tina Willier
I don't have speaker capability! Sorry! we are not using Finnegan with ESC. Like I said we are not having any problems with insurance. Nurses and Providers are recording withdrawal symptoms if the infant has any in notes.
Barretto, Greg Alcantara
Thanks Tina.
Tina Willier
Our NICU, Peds unit and Maternity use ESC. TYpical LOS is 5 days but if longer still have not had problems.
Tina Willier
WE also have other sites in Central Pa using ESC, those sites have not had issues with problems either. Thanks for great information everyone!!
Jen Sullivan
Thank you very informative!