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St. Stephen's Church Sunday Worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Therese Kay
If you are part of the Passion, please unmute yourself!
Therese Kay
If you were part of the Passion, please mute yourself now.
Therese Kay
Please mute yourselves!
Adelaide Vonleh
Happy birthday Lucinda. Wish you many blessings and so many to come.
Therese Kay
I think we lost connection with the church.
Therese Kay
Emily Sherwood
Happy Birthday, Lucinda and Pam! Love to you
Elaine A. Peterson
Pray for the Protection of Trump Admins of the Southern Boarder, and finish building the wall, which was working to stop illegal immigrants surging across the Southern Boarder. Biden Admin created a severe human and immigration crisis. Pray for all of the unborn babies killed by abortion. Pray for all those citizens along the Southern Boarder in the Towns and States having an influx of M13 gang members and drug and human traffikers sneaking in with the regular illegal immigrants are subject to fentinel, and other drugs and cayotes selling children and young adult female into a 14 billion dollar a day of selling drugs and children and young women. I am very concerned and pray daily for Gods intervention in the matters I mentioned above. Thank you!
Therese Kay
Please remember to mute yourself.
Therese Kay
The recessional will be in silence. There is nothing wrong!