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Veronica Ciocanel, Ph.D.
Thank you for joining our session! We encourage you to post your questions for the speakers in the chat, or raise your hand to ask a question live.
Miranda Lynch (she/her)
Do cell shapes themselves make a difference in this? Are these just treated as point data? Great talk!
Miranda Lynch (she/her)
For the extraction from actual image data, how are you determining imaging parameters, such how you are selecting field of view and magnification, etc.
Daniel Cruz (he/him)
FYI: We also use ABMs and TDA in our work on stem cell patterning, and our TDA collaborators have looking into using statistics on persistence landscapes (instead of persistence diagrams). In case this approach might be useful
Alexandria Volkening (she/her)
Hi Miranda, thanks for the questions! My collaborators handled gathering the image data — they take many pictures of each fish (different regions of the fish body, and different magnifications), as well as pictures at different points in development (though these are for different fish). For post processing, we’ve tried using the persistent homology methods to approximate where the stripes are, do an initial crop of the image based on that, and then apply the methods again, since the lighting of the images is very different in different regions of the image.
Alexandria Volkening (she/her)
And thanks for the suggestion, Daniel — I’ll have to look into this — good to see you!
Adam MacLean
Great talk Fiona, in case you haven’t come across this paper, it is a nice source of in vivo heterogeneous Turing patterns (cancer biology) https://www.embopress.org/doi/full/10.15252/msb.20167386
Fiona Macfarlane
Thanks Adam!
Veronica Ciocanel, Ph.D.
Link to the #SMBDiversity #DailyDEI: tinyurl.com/SMBDailyDEI
Miranda Lynch (she/her)
Are the same types of proteins in these aggregations in yeast related to those that are disease causing, such as having highly disordered regions? Do these protein-level characteristics (MW, size of the disorder region, etc) impact the way the models of intracellular aggregation are parameterized?
Miranda Lynch (she/her)
Thanks so much for the response @Suzanne, super interesting and great talk!
Suzanne Sindi (She/Her)
Thanks all!! :D
Suzanne Sindi (She/Her)
D’oh - I meant to thanks the Organizers :D
Ruben Perez-Carrasco
I also was googling for Lemon distributions!
Fabian Santiago
You were not alone 😅
Adriana Dawes
Someone should invent it!
Suzanne Sindi (She/Her)
Quick - someone get to Wikipedia!! :D
Alexandria Volkening (she/her)
Thanks John and Veronica for organizing!
Adriana Dawes
Great session everyone!
Miranda Lynch (she/her)
Thanks to organizers, awesome session!
Suzanne Sindi (She/Her)
Stepping away! But will be back with some coffee! ;)