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Collin County Rental Assistance Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Jason Simon
Please share any questions you have for the panelists. Thanks!
Jason Simon
We will share this presentation (slides and recording) with everyone and make available on our website at www.aagdallas.com.
M Milligan
If your property is located in the Collin County portion of the City of Richardson, you would apply to the Collin County ERAP.
Erin Jones, City of Allen, Planning Manager
I need to make a correction for the City of Allen. We removed the $20,000 cap for Allen too because it wasn't a requirement of the Treasury and we knew our rents may be higher than elsewhere. Sorry for the misspeak. Thank you.
Jason Simon
Residents in apartments in City of Dallas in Collin County should apply for Texas Relief or a Dallas program correct or can they apply for Collin County?
Erin Jones, City of Allen, Planning Manager
MJ McConnell, rental houses are eligible.
J Tieken
Rental properties (houses) are also eligible. Includes townhouses as well
Erin Jones, City of Allen, Planning Manager
Thank you for hosting