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The Scottish College of the Future report launch - Shared screen with speaker view
David Belsey
In "taking the workforce with us" does the panel expect to see teaching and learning being delivered in the tertiary system by professionally registered lecturers or by support staff eg Instructors?
Steve Mostyn
Great presentation - what is the plan to develop the leadership needed to realise the college of the future. It seems ‘collaboration’ will be a key outcome.
Paul Smart
The UK report highlights the importance of Place for colleges: “The college of the future will position this role as a central part of their strategic mission”. How do the panellists see colleges playing this role in Scotland and what will the successful outcomes and impacts look like?
David Belsey
Welcome Audrey's point that colleges have a dual role of delivering on individuals' demands as well as local economic demands.
paul little
One tertiary System previously identified by the Cumberford-Little report is long overdue ……. how do you measure Impact or shared Accountability ?
paul little
congratulations Lewis and Commissioners