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City & Guilds Foundation Inclusion and Diversity Event 4: Empowering LGBTQ+ people to succeed - Gallery view
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
Welcome all! Subtitles or full transcript option on the bottom right is available if you need it.
Kirstie Donnelly
great to be here with Jae and Tanya and of course Ann
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
The Proud Science Alliance is a collective of healthcare and life sciences sector LGBTQ+ networks who work together to raise the bar on LGBTQ+ inclusion within their organisations and the sector as a whole. https://www.proudsciencealliance.org/
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
Go follow @existloudly on social media – Creating spaces of joy, community and care for Black LGBTQ+ youth through creative intervention.
Tanya Compas (she/they)
Thank you Tan!
Larisa Giurea
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
Please pop any questions you have in the Q&A, and we'll get round to some of them in the last 15 mins of the event. Thank you!
Marcia Asare
Tanya, I wish all companies could hear what you have just said. In all organisations we all need to take responsibility to stop being 'tone deaf' and move towards addressing each person we interact with as a human being that is intersectional and made up from many experiences.
Marcia Asare
Love that point Kirstie - some of the stuff may seem intangible but it is all ultimately about creating cultures where we can all truly belong.
remi ogunleye
Would be great to bring these activities back, it was great to really get to know those programmes and the people who benefit from them etc...
remi ogunleye
Love that!
Marcia Asare
Jae's - love you one thing. Definitely taking that away and sharing it with my networks 'Move Beyond!'
Marcia Asare
Moving beyond is dismantling the system and truly making room for everyone - Thanks again for sharing this.
Kirstie Donnelly
thats what the lived experience work we did helped me as a person and leader recognsie those 'uncomfortable truths' and then not shy away from it but start to work on it and create the 'safe spaces' for people to have a voice and truly start to belong....
Polly Adamson
Agree - love that ‘move beyond’ quote.
remi ogunleye
That's so true Tanya, the external has to align!
remi ogunleye
to the internal!
Rebecca Roberts
Absolutely Ann - this session is so insightful and helpful - will be a great resource for our SLT and Governing Body
Jae Sloan (they/them)
Feel free to connect on LinkedIn if anyone wants to follow up with anything I've said today - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonsloan/
Jae Sloan (they/them)
Also keep in mind, part of this is not relying on individuals who are 'othered' to be teachers. Curiosity isn't simply having an attitude of 'teach me' - curiosity is also doing your own work. Google it. Watch videos. Read. Engage in conversation where you are invited to participate.
Jae Sloan (they/them)
Move into tension - this is where the work is and how 'we' get to the other side.
Marcia Asare
Thanks Kirstie 'Build the business case from the human authentic view'
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
Thank you so much for joining our fourth I&D event of the series! We would love to track the impact of our events and know what follow up action you’ll take. Make a pledge and tell us how today went: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6393478/Foundation-Inclusion-Diversity-Series-Event-4-Empowering-LGBTQ-people-to-succeed #InclusionDiversityNow
Kirstie Donnelly
can really recoomend Careus Lived Experience as a programme to initiate these changes within
Lan Che (City & Guilds Foundation)
Sign up to our fifth & final I&D event next Wednesday 30 June at 1pm: https://cityandguildsfoundation.org/training-as-a-catalyst-for-driving-inclusion-and-diversity/ #InclusionDiversityNow
remi ogunleye
Superb session, thank you all
Marcia Asare
Thanks to a really brilliant, thoughtful insightful session. Thanks Ann for such fabulous chairing.
Laurida Harrington-Poireau
Yes, thank you to everyone for having this conversation.