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Technical and Vocational Qualifications - Assessment 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Tracey Murray
Which subjects???
Tracey Murray
when can we expect to see the framework??
karen furniss
what qualifications fit into each category. more detail is needed here
Tracey Murray
The quicker the better
elizabeth farebrother
Will awarding bodies decide subject specific approach to each subject, be it calculate adapt or delay? who decides?
karen furniss
if we are to meet the same deadlines as GCSE - it needs to move a bit faster
Catherine Orridge
AOs have promised additional support for large centres of GCSEs but we still haven’t received any detail on this. When will AOs be getting back on this?
karen furniss
while all this is happening, we are continuing to teach and support students. actually, they could be completed by the time its all decided. that in itself could create a challenge in maintaining fairness
Laura Mitchell
I agree, my Childcare students are still working on assignments now
Zoe Macdonald
Should we be continuing to teach on BTEC quals (online) and still be setting assessments for the units as if we were at college? Are we still expected to do internal verification? We are continuing as normal.
Tracey Murray
We need to know if this work will count towards their final result?
Laura Mitchell
Us too Zoe, we are still going. Should we be doing this?
Tracey Murray
Does this make it unfair, if some are still receiving teaching, guidance and support and some aren't?
Paula Gardiner
Same in the business school Laura
judy shannon
Unfortunately this is the case and students who were on track will complete remotely from home. This potentially will just reward those that were not where they should have been which is where the unfairness comes in which is what they wanted to avoid.
Emma Isles
Collating evidence won't work for providers with a fast track approach to functional skills, can we decide which approach to use to make sure we don't disadvantage learners?
Tracey Murray
So should we stop delivery and concentrate on gathering the evidence to produce a calculated grade?
Stella McManus
Also continuing learning on VTQs, as learners will still need knowledge to progress onto year 2. Important to keep learners engaged for as long as possible.
Ian Mathieson
I think it has been made pretty clear that AO's do NOT expect centres to still be carrying out assessment. As not all centres can and not all learners can. So we are pausing some of ours......based on what I thought was clear guidance.But if other centres are still assessing, fairness does raise its head!Units not yet complete are to be calculated based on progress to date is our understanding.But different understanding shows there is an issue!
Ian Goldthorpe
It is important that year 1 students on 2-year nationals are not disadvantaged. How will CAG for these students be formally recorded for submission for the final qualification at the end of 2-years?
karen furniss
but we cannot stop assessing until we have clear instruction as this too would be unfair
Jenny Craig
We are still teaching online and engaging students as much as possible. Completing assignments where possible but mainly focusing on preparing for progression. Real clarity is needed here.
Catherine Orridge
Are the Functional Skills for Apprentices covered in this or will this be picked up in a separate Apps approach?
Ian Goldthorpe
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds do not have fair access to resources and space to work and so continuing assessment would only be fair once college resumes face to face teaching with equal access to resources
Jenny Craig
Good question Catherine - particularly around the need for some apprentices to sit but not necessarily pass functional skills at level 2
Lindsay Neville
Absolutely. We are continuing to teach online and engage but other colleges are not, causing a lot of anxiety from learners who hear from other colleges guidance to their learners.
Leanne Macey-Withey
remote invigilation would be difficult for learners with access arrangements, we have a large number of learners on vocational qualifications and FS who are entitled to a reader. How would this work with remove invigilation>
karen furniss
yes Lindsay. this is the same for us but students who know people at other colleges are being told different
Laura Mitchell
It is clear that clarity regarding whether we should be carrying on teaching and assessing is needed. I agree with Iain that there are many disadvantaged students.
elizabeth farebrother
Where subjects have to demonstrate practical competence for example catering or hairdressing/Beauty will we be told how to assess this? some learners at level 3 have taken out a student loans will C&G tell us exactly how the synoptic practical assessment be conducted? level 3 Barbering for example have not sat their written exam learners are very anxious that they will not be able to complete as planned - our centre is still teaching remotely and learners are still engaged with us- how will employer engagement aspects be assessed if some learners have not already completed this?
Zoe Macdonald
Yes I agree Laura and agree with Iain. We need this clarifying.
Paula Gardiner
A list of subjects needs to be clarified
Louise Marriott
and how we are going to assess practical competencey
janis oliver
What about progressing learners on RORO provision FS who have just started the next level how do we grade them
Sukaina Walji
If we delay assessments will there be guidance on progressing onto next level....do they start next level late not have as long?
Stella McManus
Have you been consulting with the ESFA and the GLA on evidencing learning and student engagement?
Wendy Gaskin
We need decisions sooner rather than later- the lack of clarity is having an impact on our learners. We need clarity on teaching and learning and continuing assessments- there are mixed messages.
elizabeth farebrother
Some of the specialist staff have been furloughed at awarding bodies how will awarding bodies be able to quickly work out the assessment strategy for accreditation if their specialists are not at work? time is running out college staff finish early July- more urgency please
Ashleigh O'Callaghan
Question not answered… should they still be doing work?
Emma Isles
I would still work with them until we know...
janis oliver
Do we get link to the recording